Q: How can I get an update when a new post comes out?

A: I post about my new post on this Twitter @lilianweng account. There is also a RSS feed.

Q: What tool do you use for plotting?

A: I'm using Google Presentation (cloud version of PowerPoint).

Q: What if I see something incorrect in the post?

A: Send me an email: lilian.wengweng AT gmail.com if you have questions or find errors. Thanks 😊! But time of one person is limited, so there may take some time for me to get to process it.

Q: Can I translate your posts to another language?

A: Yes and my pleasure! But please email me in advance and please keep the original post link on top (rather than in tiny font at the end, and yes I do see that case and that makes me feel sad 🙁).


Q: Do you update your old posts?

A: Yes, I update my old posts periodically. Everytime I would add an one-line update message in blue on top of that post, like:

Q: Hmmm ... I have papers on super relevant topics but you didn't include them?

A: As you may know, it is pretty challenging to do a comprehensive literature review given a big topic. There are so so many papers in the wild. With Google scholar and recursive citation search, I get to see quite a lot of papers but still not all of them. You are more than welcome to shoot me an email with pointers to interesting but missing papers. Cheers!

Q: How can you keep up blogging?

A: "Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional" --- this is the first sentence of Haruki Murakami's book "What I Talk About When I Talk About Running". I love that book. His altitude towards running is pretty much aligned with how I feel about maintaining this blog.

I snack a lot while writing my blogs. Well, it is actually more like, no snack no will power. If you enjoy my posts, I wouldn't mind for 1-3 dollars donation to my venmo or paypal, so I can buy more chips :P